Begin playing or training chess

The club hosts activities for players of all ages and playing strengths. We want to help all our members to become better chess players. Besides the regular lectures we also have a series of club competitions during the year: club cups, in long games and blitz, and Luciablixten. Additionally, many of our members play in the team league and other competitions across Sweden.


On Thursdays the club has chess training for juniors under the direction of Johan Eksmyr and Alf Björsson with support by IM Ari Ziegler, Robert Anderzén och Ninablazekovic. On these occasions, the junior players have the opportunity to get training according to their skill level. The training combines play, solving combinations, analysis of games, and lectures about openings, middlegame, and endgame play.

Thursdays kl. 17.30-19.30.

If you have a junior who is interested in starting to play chess, just come by on a Thursday and try it out!

Below: Junior practice ends the Spring season with the traditional clock simul where the club’s juniors play against trainer Anton Frisk Kockum.

Scholastic chess

Since 2013 the club arranges chess training on Mondays for the children at Kärralundsskolan. Johan Eksmyr teaches the basics of chess in an engaging and fun way where the children get to play and solve chess problems.

Thursdays 14.30-16.00

Does your child want to try? Visit the club on a Thursday or get in contact with Johan Eksmyr if you have questions.

Below: Johan Eksmyr teaches chess to eager children on the demonstration board while a few is playing on their own.

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On Thursdays the club have training sessions for adults (experienced junior players are of course welcome to these sessions as well). The club’s goal is to have different activities during these Thursdays. Examples include theme nights where common tabiyas or openings are played after the main ideas have been described and illustrated, blitz tournaments, and lectures, which are typically held by someone from the first team, about elementary endgames, historical players, openings, and so forth.

Thursdays kl. 19.00-21.00

If you are interested, you are very welcome to come by on a Thursday at 19.00.

Below: The first team on the train before an important meeting in Elitserien. In the foreground from left: GM Adam Tukhaev and IM Ari Ziegler. In the background: Johan Eksmyr.